Visiting the dentist – for nervous patients in London

At Care Dental Platinum, we provide a bespoke service for patients who feel a level of anxiety around visiting the dentist. We can help you even if you consider your fear to be so strong that it could be defined as a phobia. We understand that this is a reality for some patients and feel strongly that everyone should have the same opportunities for looking after their oral health and improving their smile if they want to. We have worked with many people to ensure that they can visit the dentist for nervous patients in London.

What’s the first step?

The first step is always communication. This means that you can visit with no cause for concern because all we want to do is listen to your needs and formulate an approach that will work for you. Nothing else will happen unless you feel happy and comfortable going ahead.

Our principal dentist, Dr. Bashar Al-Naher, is an innovator when it comes to creating experiences at the dentist for nervous patients in London. He has won awards for his work and created his own programme to assist patients in this area – The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™. He can talk to you about various tools that he uses including relaxation techniques and clinical hypnosis.

Experience it for yourself

Dr Bashar is happy to explain about the components of his Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™, or you can just experience it for yourself! We think that, once you hear about everything that will happen, you will feel relaxed at Care Dental Platinum – the dental practice for nervous patients in London.

Care Dental Platinum offer you lots of reassurances about the sensations that you will feel. We are committed to making your experience pain-free and as enjoyable as possible. This means that we have adapted techniques, like dental anaesthetic injections, to ensure that you experience no discomfort whatsoever while they are being administered. These numb the treatment area entirely and help to ensure the treatment is entirely pain-free and comfortable.

There is no reason why the majority of people should have a difficult experience at the dentist, if the appropriate procedures are followed. Once you realise that we can make this a reality for you, we hope it will be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship with you, like with most of our wonderful patients!

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