Treatment for dental anxiety

Dr Bashar at Care Dental PlatinumIn this article Dr Bashar explains the multi-faceted approach used when helping patients with dental anxiety.

Treatment for dental anxiety is as varied as patients themselves. At Care Dental Platinum, we see lots of different issues and combinations of concerns in our role as a dentist for nervous patients. Each patient needs to be met in the space that they are in so that we can understand the path they need to follow in order to help them experience a more relaxed view of the dentist.

We use a broad range of techniques to help our patients overcome their past experiences and actively enjoy their treatments with us. If you suffer from dental anxiety – whether it’s a general phobia or a specific fear – Care Dental Platinum can offer you our services as a dentist for nervous patients in London.

Psychological treatments

One key to unravelling a dental anxiety is to understand its source. Some patients find that this is enough to assist them with compartmentalising past difficulties. This helps their mind understand that past experiences are not an accurate predictor of future experiences.

Sometimes the above is not possible, as the exact source is not always clear. There can be many original stimuli. This might include indirect causes such as depictions in the media and through entertainment. Some psychological therapies address this by reprogramming patient behaviours and responses around the dentist without seeking a reason for them. Above all, we understand the importance of taking the time to understand all aspects of the fear or phobia, and are flexible in how we work to accommodate for the specific desires and wishes of our patients.

Pharmaceutical treatments

Dr Bashar at Care Dental Platinum is the creator of a revolutionary technique that allows all patients regardless of their fear levels to actively and comfortably enjoy their dental treatment. He has been recognised via numerous awards for his work and is a highly celebrated dentist for nervous patients in London. His invention, The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique ™ is the fruit of his Masters Degree in Hypnosis Applied to Dentistry, which he has combined with his extensive knowledge in Conscious Sedation and relaxation techniques.

Conscious Sedation is where a patient is given ‘happy air’ to breathe (Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen) which ensures that they are awake during any dental procedure, but calm and relaxed. Afterwards, patients leave feeling comfortable and back to normal, and do not require a chaperone. It is an excellent and safer alternative to full sedation and it can begin to build the patient’s confidence in their ability to undergo dental procedures without difficulty.

Alternative treatments

Clinical hypnotherapy is another possibility when you visit Care Dental Platinum. Not only can it help to address long-term issues and promote positive feelings towards your dental treatment, it can be used as a sedation method. This is particularly useful for patients who cannot have conscious sedation for any reason.