Techniques to tackle a visit to the dentist for nervous patients in London

For a long time, if you had difficulty visiting the dentist, you had little choice but to grin and bear it or consider options like full sedation, even for minor procedures. Now, you can explore a range of options that can help you visit the dentist. For nervous patients in London, a visit to Care Dental Platinum could be the answer.

Our principal, Dr Bashar Al-Naher, has a career-long interest in issues stemming from dental anxiety. He has studied many different techniques and developed his own programme called the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™. He has won many awards for his work as a dentist for nervous patients in London.

Below are just a few of the techniques on offer at Care Dental Platinum.

Conscious sedation

There are a few different types of conscious sedation. In general, any technique that leaves the patient awake but encourages deep calm and relaxation can be called conscious sedation. Three common types are:

  • Intravenous – this is where a patient has a drip inserted into their arm which administers low doses of a sedative medication. This is great if the patient just wants to lie back and relax;
  • Nitrous oxide – this is the gas that is commonly offered to mothers in order to help them during labour. It has the effect of reducing the perception of pain but also relaxing the patient and decreasing anxiety levels. It is great for patients who do not like needles and want to have some control over their sedation;
  • Preparatory medication – if neither of the above methods are suitable, the patient may be advised to take sedative medication prior to their treatment. If this is the option for you, your dentist at Care Dental Platinum will talk you through your options and how the various sedatives will affect your perception of what is happening.

All of the above are used in addition to any normal anaesthetic associated with your procedure.Clinical hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy can be used to treat a dental anxiety during treatment or generally to improve your feelings towards the dentist. There are many different hypnotherapy techniques that are applicable to dentistry including phobia reduction, pain management and de-traumatising memories of historical dental visits.