Step-by-step – from nervous to relaxed

If you have a fear of the dentist, tackling it may seem like a difficult process. Care Dental Platinum offer patients our services as a dentist for nervous patients in London. We can help you face your anxiety and take steps towards becoming free of it for good.

Wanting to face your fear

The first step is finding the desire to overcome your fear. If you have no particular issues with your teeth then it might be tempting to just forget about visiting the dentist altogether. As a dentist for nervous patients in London, the team at Care Dental Platinum hear about people who have taken this attitude for many years. It is not recommended for two important reasons.

First, your dental health can deteriorate if it is not regularly checked by a dentist. There are types of damage that can be tackled early if discovered at your dental practice.

If you do not attend your check-ups and a problem develops, you may end up facing the second difficulty – tackling a fear of the dentist whilst also dealing with a potentially painful dental issue. Acting sooner, rather than later, to address you fear can help to avoid compounding your issue in the future.

Defining the issue

There are different types of fear and anxiety stemming from different sources. Each one may require a different type of treatment. When you work with Care Dental Platinum as your dentist for nervous patients in London, we help you to understand what you needs are and tailor an approach to healing that meets them.

Positive reinforcement

Whilst there are many techniques that help to address immediate and overwhelming fear, the long-term solution to dental phobia is largely a process of positive reinforcement.

Once we begin to follow your initial treatment plan, we hope that you will begin to have better experiences at the dentist – even if it only improves slightly to begin with. This helps you to look forward to your next appointment with a little more positivity and this should be even better. Alongside techniques and treatments provided by your practitioner at Care Dental Platinum, positive reinforcement is very effective and counteracts any long-term negative perceptions that you may have.

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