Nitrous oxide sedation – understanding the advantages and risks

The combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide, commonly known as ‘happy gas’, is widely used in dentistry. It has proven to be beneficial for patients experiencing dental anxiety, as a result of oxygen enrichment and a reduction of their stress levels.

At Care Dental Platinum, sedation with nitrous oxide is part of a wider dental programme – the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique TM. Developed by Dr Bashar Al-Naher, our talented and experienced dentist for nervous patients in London, this technique was introduced after many years of research in the fields of psychology, dental sedation, self-development and the nature of pain.

Benefits of nitrous oxide dentistry

Nitrous oxide has quite a few benefits compared to other sedation methods. It is easy to set up and can be inhaled, so it is an ideal option for patients who are afraid of needles. Because it is gas, it can reach the brain rapidly and bring an ideal state of relaxation. Dr Bashar Al-Naher, your dentist for nervous patients in London, will use a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen to ensure that he can quickly adjust to the sedation. The concentration of these two elements is determined by the type and length of the surgery. More importantly, this type of sedation greatly decreases the risk of an overdose. The presence of oxygen increases the amount of time ‘happy gas’ can be directed to a patient. Moreover, ‘happy gas’ leaves the body very quickly as opposed to other types of conscious oral sedation.

Some drawbacks

Nitrous oxide is not for everyone, so our dentist for nervous patients in London will assess each patient carefully in advance in order to ensure that they are eligible for the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique TM. Nitrous oxide can cause nausea and is not recommended for people who have trouble breathing or suffer from asthma. Nitrous oxide should also be avoided by people who suffer from multiple sclerosis and by women in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Otherwise, nitrous oxide has proven to be safe and effective and can even be used by children.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about nitrous oxide and our Enjoyable Dentistry Technique TM, our knowledgeable dental team is here to help.

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