Maybe the dentist can be enjoyable?

OK, so this is a bit of a revolutionary idea, but have you ever thought that visiting the dentist might be something to look forward to? No? Well, you’ve obviously never heard of the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique that we use here at Dental Care Platinum in Hammersmith.

If you are one of the 12% of people in the UK who suffer from extreme dental anxiety, then you are probably on the lookout for a dentist for nervous patients in London. And so we are very glad that your search has led you to our practice.

We have a gem of a dentist for nervous patients in London at our practice. Dr Bashar Al-Naher has spent nearly all of his 32-year career as a dentist developing ways to help patients discover that receiving dental treatment can be an enjoyable experience.

Enjoyable dental treatment

Dr Bashar used his Masters degree in clinical hypnosis to do research to show that his Enjoyable Dentistry Technique works. This technique combines relaxation techniques with nitrous oxide and up-to-the-minute dental techniques and treatments so that he can offer nervous patients pain-free, relaxing dentistry treatments.

Get to know us

Part of being able to relax at the dentist for nervous patients in London is about feeing comfortable with Dr Bashar. You can’t do that if you come in for a treatment and you have never met him before. To that end, Care Dental Platinum offers complimentary consultations. This is a chance to get to see the practice, to meet the staff and ask all about the treatment you are interested in receiving.

We realise that being a nervous dental patient doesn’t necessarily mean you get anxious about everything to do with dentistry. You may be scared of needles, or it may be the drill, or a particular treatment, such as root canal therapy or dental implant surgery. A consultation is a chance to talk about what frightens you. Sometimes just being able to talk about it can be a huge help. However, we want you to not just have slightly reduced anxiety levels, and that’s why we offer free gas and air with every treatment.