Helping your child to make friends with the dentist

As a dentist for nervous patients in London, Care Dental Platinum understands that there are many causes for dental anxiety. They can be very deep-rooted. Quite a few can be traced back as far as childhood. Even if someone does not develop a fear from childhood memories, the general tenor of their approach to the dentist – positive or negative – can begin to develop at an early age.

Trying to give your child good experiences at the dentist from an early age can help to ensure that they do not need the services of a dentist for nervous patients in London later on. Below are just a few tips to help you get your child on the right track.

Be a good influence

Children pay attention to what adults do much more than what they say. They learn by reading our signals – both conscious and unconscious. If you have difficulty or anxiety around the dentist yourself, the likelihood is that your child will be able to sense it even if you are trying to hide it. You may need to conquer your own anxieties in order to prevent them being passed on. If you want to address any issues you may have, we are happy to help at Care Dental Platinum.

Talk to them about their visit

You can begin to talk to your child in advance of their visit. You might discuss what will happen, what a dentist does, relate it to their tooth-brushing routine or show them pictures of dentists, teeth and so on. The more familiarity they have with what will happen, the less likely they are to be surprised or have a difficult experience.


Distraction is a good technique to use with much younger children. You can bring toys, music or other stimuli to help the dentist do what they need to.

It is not necessarily a good idea to rely on distraction entirely with older children as then they never really come to terms with the experience and learn to relax around it.

Care Dental Platinum look forward to offering you any advice that we can, both as a general dentist and as a dentist for nervous patients in London.