Getting back on the horse

They say that if you want to get over a nasty experience, like falling off a horse, the best thing to do is to get back on it as quickly as you can. That’s easy for them to say, especially if it’s not a horse but visits to the dentist that drive your anxiety levels sky high.

It’s horrid for us dentists too. We don’t want to cause pain when we are trying to help. That’s why at Care Dental Platinum, we make it our mission to be the number one dentist for nervous patients in London.

Meet Dr Bashar Al-Naher

Our principal dentist, Dr Bashar Al-Naher has devoted his dental career to learning as much as he can about becoming a really great dentist for nervous patients in London.

What would you like to know about him? Would it help you relax more if you knew that if you come to see Dr Bashar, you will be treated by a dentist with more than 32 years of experience in all aspects of dentistry? How about that since very early on in his career Dr Bashar has devoted his research and training into finding ways to help you relax and experience pain-free dentistry?

With an intense focus on excelling in being a dentist for nervous patients in London, Dr Bashar has long held a Masters degree in clinical hypnosis applied to dentistry. He used it to find the evidence to show that his Enjoyable Dentistry Technique could indeed provide pain-free, enjoyable dentistry. This is a combination of relaxation techniques, up-to-the-minute dentistry and nitrous oxide (gas and air).

Indeed, at Care Dental Platinum, we are very proud to have won the category for best treatment of nervous patients at the Private Dentistry Awards in 2016.

It might seem ambitious but our aim at Care Dental Platinum is to create an experience that is more like visiting a spa for a relaxing few hours than going to the dentist. We want you to love coming to us and look forward to your visits.

Of course, as a nervous dental patient, your best bet is to come in for a free consultation and find out more in person. Why not book one today?