What is Root Canal Treatment?

When the nerve of a tooth is infected or has died, the tooth needs to undergo root canal treatment to prevent further infection and pain.  It’s the most efficient way of treating the disease whilst keeping your natural tooth (avoiding extractions).

The decaying nerve material is removed and the internal canals are cleaned and disinfected, shaped and then filled with a medicated filling to keep bacteria out.  The tooth can then be filled with composite or crowned to preserve its life further.

With Care Dental Platinum, all treatments are carried out under the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ and are pain-free.

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What are symptoms of an infected nerve?

Some of the symptoms patients usually experience are pain when eating or chewingswelling of the gum (abscess) or their teeth becoming darker.  You may also feel no pain at all and still require root canal treatment.  This means the nerve has died and needs to be removed and the root cleaned.  Not doing so may result in an infection further down the line.

Nerve death can happen as a result of tooth decayteeth getting knocked or moved too quickly (trauma),  severe tooth wearsevere gum disease or even spontaneously.

Root Canal Treatment at Care Dental Platinum

Patients at Care Dental Platinum benefit from having their root canal treatment carried out under the Enjoyable Dentistry TechniqueTM, which brings them to a state of absolute relaxation and removes any stress associated with this treatment.

We also use the latest rotary endodontic techniques, which are motorised root canal files as opposed to manual only. This helps ensure an optimal result when cleaning the root canal, with less chance of future re-infection.

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