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Crowns are made to cover your teeth to improve the appearance of your own natural teeth, provide additional strength or as part of a smile design or makeover.  We work closely with our talented ceramists to create exceptional aesthetics according to your own specifications.

Crowns are most often made of dental porcelain and can be made to look so natural they are difficult to tell apart from original teeth.

We use the latest intra-oral scanners and computer-aided smile design technology to ensure you have a good idea of what shape and shade your crowns will have

When do I need a crown?

There can be a number of different reasons why you might need a dental crown. From our experience, and by recommendation from our dentists, patients choose to have dental crowns in one or more of the following situations:

  • To restore severely broken down teeth;
  • To provide additional strength to a weakened tooth (for example a root-filled tooth);
  • To lighten tooth colour in more difficult cases (where teeth whitening is less likely to succeed, for example);
  • To close gaps between teeth;
  • To better align crowded or protruding teeth;
  • Used as part of a Smile Design or Makeover.

Why choose Care Dental Platinum?

At Care Dental Platinum we use the latest intra-oral scanners and computer-aided smile design technology to ensure you have a good idea of what shape and shade your crowns will have before treatment starts. Our patients also benefit from a superior clinical experience thanks to the Enjoyable Dentistry TechniqueTM. This award-winning approach uses air sedation alongside relaxation techniques so that our patients are fully at ease and blissfully unaffected by the treatment they are undergoing.

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