Cleaning and Hygiene

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Healthy teeth and gums are key to preventing tooth decay and the loosening of teeth and avoiding ill health in general. Dental and oral hygiene is important for everyone, mainly to prevent gum disease, and the hygienist plays a key role in prevention.

Everybody is at risk of poor gum health so we stress the importance of controlling any gum disease as part of your treatment plan, and regular visits to the hygienist. You are at a higher risk if you have crowns, bridges, implants or adult braces.

Signs of poor oral health

Inflamed or bleeding gums and bad breath are clear symptoms of poor oral health and good reasons to ask for professional advice to prevent further diseases like the damage of the tooth structure.

Also, plaque is a bacterial matrix (or ‘biofilm’) that needs to be removed effectively so it doesn’t harden and form calculus (tartar), which adheres to the gum-line around the teeth. Daily brushing and flossing simply aren’t enough as plaque is a naturally forming bacterial matrix, which is why it’s important to remove it during a cleaning and hygiene session. You May also try Teeth Whitening

What you can expect from us

Our dedicated Dental Therapy and Hygiene team provides professional cleaning of your teeth, plaque and tartar removal and expert advice on how you can take care of your teeth/oral health, and on diet and disease prevention. As with all our services, you can expect an enjoyable and pain-free treatment that will have a tremendous effect on your health and your smile!

We also offer the latest in stain removal treatments with the Air-Flow polishing system which combines polishing powder and water jets to effectively remove the toughest stains, especially those caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking.

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