Dental phobia examined

Dental phobia is what someone experiences when they are so anxious about visiting the dentist that they either do not go or have a terrifying experience each time that they do. At Care Dental Platinum, we know it doesn’t have to be this way. We see patients leave their dental phobia behind for good when they choose us as their dentist for nervous patients in London.

What are people worried about?

It can be hard to pinpoint an exact cause for dental phobia. This is because there can be a multitude of reasons. It can be a combination of physical and psychological experiences combined with unrealistic impressions of what going to the dentist is like:

  • Pain – most people fear pain or discomfort when they go to the dentist. At Care Dental Platinum, we ensure that our patients do not feel pain during their dental procedures. We have developed techniques to make sure that even something like an injection does not cause pain. Some people do not enjoy pressure or strong vibration either but this is usually because they interpret them as uncomfortable rather than because they fire any pain receptors. This means that we can change this interpretation. We help our patients make new associations with these sensations so that they end up relaxing into an even deeper state of calm when they experience them at their dentist for nervous patients in London;
  • Sensory factors – dental practices involve some smells, peculiar instruments, bright lights and various sounds that some people find uncomfortable. All of these can contribute to anxiety. At Care Dental Platinum, we offer you ways to mitigate the effects of these factors. We offer distraction techniques that really work, without isolating you during the process, when we are acting as your dentist for nervous patients in London;
  • Bad memories – a lot of people find the source of their anxiety in a difficult dental experience in their past – often during childhood when we have little control or say over experiences like visiting the dentist. At Care Dental Platinum, we help you replace those tough memories with positive experiences and do what we can to reduce the effect that your past has on your present dental care.