Dealing with dental implant anxiety

Have you been postponing your assessment for dental implants because you are afraid of the operation and the pain involved? Limited access to information and dental phobia can make people think negatively of dental implants.

The truth is that dental implant surgery is less painful than common dental operations and with the help of your London dentist for nervous patients, you can regain your beautiful smile without pain.

At Care Dental Platinum, we know how scary some patients find the idea of dental implants surgery.

For this reason, we use the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™, a multi-stepped approach to dental care that was developed by Dr Bashar Al-Naher after seeing patients in pain while they were in the dentist’s chair. Dr Bashar Al-Naher, your London emergency dentist, has convinced many patients that dental implants are not a painful treatment.

Don’t avoid dental implants

Dental implants have become more mainstream in recent years and they are used in different ways to replace single or multiple missing teeth. The fear of dental implant surgery partly derives from a distorted idea of pain as well as some distorted stereotypes about dentistry.

With the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™, patients can have implant surgery without experiencing any discomfort. As a matter of fact, they will probably remember very few things when the sedation wears off.

This technique is highly successful because it combines three mechanisms – oral sedation in the form of happy air, guided imagery that allows patients to conjure up images or visions of things, and innovative dental technology.

Combined, these elements allow your London dentist for nervous patients to offer a stress-free implant surgery experience.

Plan out your operation

Getting your concerns out in the open in advance, will help your London dentist for nervous patients and your Emergency Dentist, to identify your individual problem and create a customised treatment plan. By sharing your anxiety and your concerns, you will help Dr Bashar Al-Naher build the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ on your individual needs. To learn more about dental implants and our unique approach to patient care, contact us today and we will schedule an appointment for you.