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Combat the effects of staining

At your teeth whitening consultation, we explore your expectations and discuss your options.  We take into account factors such as if you have sensitive teeth so that we may tailor your whitening protocol to you.  Photos are taken and the shade is assessed.

Teeth whitening is a totally safe way to lighten the colour of your teeth and combat the effects of staining.  A specially formulated gel containing 6% hydrogen peroxide or 10-18% carbamide peroxide is applied to teeth which literally bleaches the internal tooth structure.  Even if you plan to have crown or veneer work carried out, we always recommend teeth whitening to improve the colour of the underlying teeth and give a more aesthetic result.  

We then discuss which of the two following options you would like to go for:


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1. Combined in-surgery and home teeth whitening

Zoom! is our most popular treatment as it comprises over one hour and a half chairside teeth whitening where the gums and soft tissues in the mouth are protected, exposing only the teeth. The uniquely formulated whitening gel is then applied to the teeth along with a pH accelerator and the exclusive Zoom! Blue light lamp turned on. At the end of the treatment patients are able to see a visible difference- up to 4 shades lighter!

We always recommend a home whitening protocol in addition to the chairside treatment to ensure the colour change is long-lasting and to provide further lightening of shade.


2. Home teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening involves making custom trays that hold the gel in a way that maximises its whitening effect and protects the gums at the same time.  We will decide on the whitening protocol with you depending on your lifestyle and whether you prefer day or night-time whitening.  2-3 weeks later we meet again to review the results and reassess if further treatment is needed.

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