Dental Veneers

Looks as good as a crown, but healthier for your teeth

Veneers are used to cover the visible part of your front teeth and are frequently made out of dental porcelain as a false fingernail fits over a nail. Single veneers can be matched very well to neighbouring teeth. Depending on their needs some of our patients opt for multiple veneers planned as part of a full smile design or makeover.

Dental veneers are highly recommendable where a drastic cosmetic change is required but the teeth are healthy and crowns would risk damaging these teeth unnecessarily.

With Care Dental Platinum you’ll be treated by highly experienced dental specialists using the best relaxation techniques.

Who might need veneers?

Veneers are a great choice in the following situations:

  • Where a drastic cosmetic change is required but the teeth are healthy and crowns would risk damaging these teeth unnecessarily.
  • You would like to better align your teeth and cannot or do not want to undergo orthodontics (teeth straightening).
  • When certain teeth require more than whitening to improve their colour, veneers can do this conservatively and effectively.
  • As part of a smile design, computer-aided scanning technology allows us to plan the smile you desire.

How our Cosmetic and Health Specialists create and fit your veneers

At Care Dental Platinum we usually carry out the treatment in two stages. We work closely with our ceramists to plan your veneers and show you a representation of what they could look like. Then treatment begins with a thorough cosmetic and health assessment of your teeth and gums, photographs and intra-oral scans or impressions.

  1. At the first appointment, the teeth are prepared and shaped to receive the veneers.  Veneers actually require minimal or no removal of tooth structure (preparation). An impression or a scan is then taken and sent to the lab so that they may begin crafting the veneers themselves.  You will leave this appointment with a mock-up of your final veneers and be given time to assess their appearance.
  2. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the appearance, the veneers are made and ready within a few days.  They are fitted at the second appointment and we will inform you on what the healing and caring process needs to be.

As with all treatments at Care Dental Platinum, the process of preparing for and fitting veneers can be carried out under the relaxing Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™.

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