Come and experience something different

If you find going to the dentist really hard because you get so anxious, the answer is not to stop going to the dentist altogether, it’s to find a different kind of dentist for nervous patients in London.

At Dental Care Platinum in Hammersmith, we believe we have something different to offer to patients who experience dental phobia. We call it the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique.

The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique

This technique is the brainchild of our principal dentist Dr Bashar Al-Naher. He has spent his career working on ways to make dental treatment something to enjoy rather than dread. His technique is holistic, taking into account the whole experience of visiting this dentist for nervous patients in London.

From the moment contact is made the practice aims to give you an experience of relaxation and ease. We will discuss your needs with you and give you a written schedule of treatments including costs. We will be transparent with you in everything we do.


Our aim is to make your treatment pain-free, using gas and air as sedation (this is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen), administered through a mask so that those of you who are needle-phobic do not have to worry. We also use hypnotherapy and other methods to relax you.

We use our Enjoyable Dentistry Technique routinely on every treatment, so you do not have to worry that it suddenly won’t be available, or panic that you can’t pay for sedation. It’s not an extra; it’s included in the price.

Finding a clinic that you can trust as a dentist for nervous patients in London can take time and often you cannot know if a clinic is right for you until you have been inside and met everyone. That’s why we offer free consultations on all our treatments. It’s a great way to come here for the first time and have a look round, meet the staff and get comfy, without your anxiety levels going through the roof. Then, when you do come in for a treatment, you will already be familiar with the people and surroundings and will feel more at home.