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Easy steps to visiting the dentist for nervous patients in London

The team at Care Dental Platinum want to make it easy for everyone to visit the dentist. If someone has a dental phobia, this might seem like quite a lofty goal. However, the process has several steps that are designed to ease you gently into treatment and, before you know it, you could be free of your anxiety for good.

Make the appointment

For some people, making the appointment is the biggest step especially if they have not visited the dentist for many years. At Care Dental Platinum, we urge you not to wait until you have a serious dental issue before you make an appointment. Many problems can be tackled in the early stages to prevent them from requiring extensive treatment. After experiencing our programme, many patients find that they actually look forward to their regular check-ups.

Breathe deeply

The first part of your dental experience with the dentist for nervous patients in London, is what we call inhalation sedation or ‘happy air’. You are invited to breathe deeply and enter a state of calm. This wears off quickly after treatment so it does not prevent you from driving or going about the rest of your day.

Let your mind wander

When you visit the dentist for nervous patients in London, at Care Dental Platinum, we ask you to visualise a calm and relaxing place. You are guided during this process by your trained dentist and you will be reminded of it throughout your treatment. We will be playing relaxing music to help at this point. If your mind wanders, that’s ok. Our goal is simply to have you so relaxed that you are not focused on your dental treatment in any negative way.

The final step ensures that you are not interrupted by difficult experiences while you are in this deep state.

Experience pain-free techniques

Part of the reason why dental anxiety is so common is that many patients firmly believe that each visit to the dentist will be uncomfortable or painful. This is understandable but, at Care Dental Platinum, we beg to differ. We have developed techniques to administer pain-free dentistry and we only act when the area we are working on is completely numb and you are in a state of complete relaxation and bliss.

What is confirmation bias and how can it help you have a better trip to the dentist?

The mind is a fascinating place. There is so much going on that we are not generally aware of. The more we understand these hidden processes, the more we can put them to work to help us overcome things like phobias and anxieties. At Care Dental Platinum, we use various cognitive techniques, alongside practical ones, to help people overcome their fear of the dentist.

As a dentist for nervous patients in London, we have to understand the various ways that patients build up a fear of the dentist. Everyone is different and their anxiety can have deep-rooted sources. Many patients do not have a clear idea of why they are nervous about visiting the dentist. Sometimes it can be helpful to understand the source of fear, but this is not necessary in order to help them. We can help people to adjust the way their mind is reacting now without understanding why it does so.

What is confirmation bias?

Once someone already has a fear of the dentist, that’s when confirmation bias comes into play. If they have a negative mind-set, they are going to be more sensitive to the experiences that they have and more likely to interpret them as negative. In this context, it means that each time they visit the dentist, if they are worried already, they are likely to encounter more difficult experiences than they might if they were in a positive frame of mind.

Confirmation bias can be powerful and very convincing. Fortunately, it can also be reversed and used for positive reinforcement and that’s where our technique, The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ at Care Dental Platinum comes into play when we are acting as a dentist for nervous patients in London.

When patients visit us for treatment, we create a pain-free, relaxing experience for them that immediately puts them in a better frame of mind. When they think back on their treatment, they feel food and this gives them more incentive to visit the next time. As they are no longer worried when anticipating the appointment, they are immediately more likely to have an even better time on the next occasion that they visit the dentist for nervous patients in London.

Three ways we help you to be comfortable

When you visit our award-winning dental clinic, Care Dental Platinum; we are able to offer you a unique experience at the dentist. For nervous patients in London, we provide a service that not only gives the best dental care in London, but allows to actively enjoy your dental treatment.

If that sounds unbelievable to you right now, have a look at the details of our unique method called The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ detailed below. We take you through a step-by-step process and ensure that you have the most positive experience with Care Dental Platinum – the dentist for nervous patients in London.

Whatever your previous experience of visiting the dentist, we can assure you that we have worked with thousands of patients with mild to extreme anxiety. The Care Dental Platinum team have seen the results of The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ over and over again and have won awards for Best Care and Treatment of Nervous Patients in the UK. We definitely feel confident about offering excellent dental treatment to you as well as ensuring you are in the safest of hands.

Care Dental Platinum looks at the whole patient experience and we do what we can to help people visit the dentist for nervous patients in London. This includes ensuring you meet a friendly face when you come to the practice and using excellent communication skills so that we understand, and can exceed, your expectations. However, the main support that we offer utilises The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™, which incorporates the following:

  • Happy air – this is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen and is sometimes known as inhalation sedation. You simply breathe deeply and allow the gas to help you feel calm and relaxed;
  • Soothing the senses – this is achieved through various methods such as calming music and relaxing visualizations. We help you to sink into the experience and enjoy a soft, peaceful space. It is perhaps this part of the technique that leaves people feeling like they actually want more time at the dentist because it can feel very uplifting, and occasionally blissful, for people;
  • Pain-free techniques – at Care Dental Platinum, we have developed ways to ensure that our dentistry techniques are pain-free. We do not think you should have to suffer for your oral health. Once you have experienced a comfortable procedure, it can help to dissolve your anxiety around the dentist because you no longer need to worry about discomfort.

Dental phobia examined

Dental phobia is what someone experiences when they are so anxious about visiting the dentist that they either do not go or have a terrifying experience each time that they do. At Care Dental Platinum, we know it doesn’t have to be this way. We see patients leave their dental phobia behind for good when they choose us as their dentist for nervous patients in London.

What are people worried about?

It can be hard to pinpoint an exact cause for dental phobia. This is because there can be a multitude of reasons. It can be a combination of physical and psychological experiences combined with unrealistic impressions of what going to the dentist is like:

  • Pain – most people fear pain or discomfort when they go to the dentist. At Care Dental Platinum, we ensure that our patients do not feel pain during their dental procedures. We have developed techniques to make sure that even something like an injection does not cause pain. Some people do not enjoy pressure or strong vibration either but this is usually because they interpret them as uncomfortable rather than because they fire any pain receptors. This means that we can change this interpretation. We help our patients make new associations with these sensations so that they end up relaxing into an even deeper state of calm when they experience them at their dentist for nervous patients in London;
  • Sensory factors – dental practices involve some smells, peculiar instruments, bright lights and various sounds that some people find uncomfortable. All of these can contribute to anxiety. At Care Dental Platinum, we offer you ways to mitigate the effects of these factors. We offer distraction techniques that really work, without isolating you during the process, when we are acting as your dentist for nervous patients in London;
  • Bad memories – a lot of people find the source of their anxiety in a difficult dental experience in their past – often during childhood when we have little control or say over experiences like visiting the dentist. At Care Dental Platinum, we help you replace those tough memories with positive experiences and do what we can to reduce the effect that your past has on your present dental care.

Why do people need a dentist for nervous patients in London?

We give massive consideration to patient psychology at Care Dental Platinum. We consider ourselves to be the foremost dentist for nervous patients in London. For many professional services, technology and practicality have been a major focus for a long time. However, we have reached a stage where the human factor is becoming more central. Dentists, in particular, recognise that you have to take care of the person as well as utilising the latest techniques.

Why is visiting the dentist important?

Check-ups are the foundation of a good relationship with your oral health. Deterioration can happen relatively quickly when it comes to your teeth and the earlier a problem is detected, the more likely it is that it can be solved with a simple fix. Every six months, you need to see a dentist so that they can do a standard check.

Why do some people avoid the dentist?

Some people avoid the dentist because they don’t know how important it is or they don’t understand the difficulties that can arise from poor oral hygiene. However, there are people who do understand but cannot go because they are too anxious. Others are a combination of both – they have dental fear and so they ignore the facts about dental issues.

At Care Dental Platinum, we want everyone to be able to comfortably visit the dentist. That’s why our team is focused on creating a great place to visit the dentist for nervous patients in London.

What options are available?

With the right dental practice, you can get past your anxiety around dental care. At Care Dental Platinum, we offer a number of techniques to help you relax. The first of these is simply that we get it out in the open. Your fears are natural and understandable, given your individual circumstances, otherwise you wouldn’t have them. You can trust the team at Care Dental Platinum to listen to any concerns. They will do their best to understand exactly what you need. They are very understanding and used to dealing with cases just like yours.

After this step, there are a range of practical options that we can offer you to tackle your issues.

What makes us an ideal dentist for nervous patients in London?

At Care Dental Platinum, we are committed to continuing to improve the experience of our patients. If you are someone who has anxiety about your dental care and treatment, we can help. We take great care to ensure that we are a safe haven for people who want to feel better about visiting the dentist. For nervous patients in London, we are an ideal choice for many reasons, some of which are detailed below:

  • We listen – every patient has different ways of experiencing and expressing their anxiety. At Care Dental Platinum, we are skilled at customising the patient experience to suit your individual needs;
  • We communicate – one of our team will always let you know what is going to happen in a way that ensures you understand and feel comfortable with the language involved. Our way of expressing treatment processes is gentler than you might be used to and doesn’t involve using words that you’d rather not hear;
  • We use tools that are proven to be effective – Dr Bashar Al-Naher is our principal dentist and he is the brains behind the Enjoyable Dental Technique. This is a scientifically-proven process that reduces and, in many cases, totally eliminates patient anxiety. It’s a combination of inhalation sedation, relaxation and visualisation techniques and pain-free processes|Aa| that ensures you have a comfortable trip to the dentist for nervous patients in London;
  • We let you take part in the management of the process – you have control over your treatment. You can take a break at any time and we’ll let you know how you can signal us to demonstrate what you would like. With Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ however, we see that patients often don’t need to stop the procedure. In fact, many find it relaxing and sometimes blissful.

Care Dental Platinum is highly-focused on this aspect of dentistry. We know there are lots of people out there who need support in order to meet their own dental health needs. If you are one of them, contact us to book your first appointment. An easier time at the dentist is possible and, in no time, you’ll be wondering why you ever had any issues. We help people become completely freed from their dental anxiety at Care Dental Platinum.

Visiting the dentist – for nervous patients in London

At Care Dental Platinum, we provide a bespoke service for patients who feel a level of anxiety around visiting the dentist. We can help you even if you consider your fear to be so strong that it could be defined as a phobia. We understand that this is a reality for some patients and feel strongly that everyone should have the same opportunities for looking after their oral health and improving their smile if they want to. We have worked with many people to ensure that they can visit the dentist for nervous patients in London.

What’s the first step?

The first step is always communication. This means that you can visit with no cause for concern because all we want to do is listen to your needs and formulate an approach that will work for you. Nothing else will happen unless you feel happy and comfortable going ahead.

Our principal dentist, Dr. Bashar Al-Naher, is an innovator when it comes to creating experiences at the dentist for nervous patients in London. He has won awards for his work and created his own programme to assist patients in this area – The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™. He can talk to you about various tools that he uses including relaxation techniques and clinical hypnosis.

Experience it for yourself

Dr Bashar is happy to explain about the components of his Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™, or you can just experience it for yourself! We think that, once you hear about everything that will happen, you will feel relaxed at Care Dental Platinum – the dental practice for nervous patients in London.

Care Dental Platinum offer you lots of reassurances about the sensations that you will feel. We are committed to making your experience pain-free and as enjoyable as possible. This means that we have adapted techniques, like dental anaesthetic injections, to ensure that you experience no discomfort whatsoever while they are being administered. These numb the treatment area entirely and help to ensure the treatment is entirely pain-free and comfortable.

There is no reason why the majority of people should have a difficult experience at the dentist, if the appropriate procedures are followed. Once you realise that we can make this a reality for you, we hope it will be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship with you, like with most of our wonderful patients!

Taking control of your experience at the dentist

One of the reasons why people are worried about visiting a dentist for nervous patients in London, is that they worry about being out of control and vulnerable.

At Care Dental Platinum, we do everything we can to empower you during your visit to us. There are choices you can make and techniques you can use to help you feel like you are involved in the process of overcoming your worries. We are sharing two of those with you here today.

Breathing exercises

When your brain has a fear response, it sends messages to various areas of your body. One of these will tell you to breath faster. In the right circumstances, this is great because it hyper-oxygenates your cells and gets you ready to fight or run. If you’re at the dentist, it can mean that you feel self-conscious and can lead to panic and dizziness. This is an unconscious response.

Fortunately, we can take conscious control of the breath and send a calming message back to the brain by simply taking deep breaths.

As part of our signature Enjoyable Dentistry Technique ™, you are encouraged to take long slow breaths and guided to a totally relaxed state through imagery so that your mind is far away from the treatment that is taking place.


Three things you should know if you’re scared of the dentist

Visiting the dentist can be nerve wracking for many people. But what if you feel like your fear stops you from visiting the dentist all together? What if it bothers you at other times? What if you are worried about passing your fear on to your kids?

There are some things you should know if you think your fear of the dentist is having a strong impact on your life. At Care Dental Platinum, we pride ourselves on having expert dentist for nervous patients in London. We want to share some bits of information with you that you may not know and which might help you visit us soon to address your issues.

It is possible to get past your fear of the dentist

When you visit a dentist for nervous patients in London, like at Care Dental Platinum, we do everything we can to make you more comfortable and create a positive experience for you.

Fear of the dentist is a personal experience

There is no single reason why someone is afraid of the dentist. In fact, it’s usually a combination of things. Some people find it helpful to understand why they have anxiety around dentistry in the first place, while others prefer to address their current reaction. Both of these are viable approaches to visiting the dentist. For nervous patients in London, at Care Dental Platinum we offer a consultation to help us understand your needs before we make a plan to get you on your way to enjoying the dentist.

Small changes can make a big difference

For some people, there are sensory issues when they visit the dentist and when the senses are overloaded it can sometimes create a feeling of panic. This might be related to the smells, loud sounds or bright lights. As well as being difficult in themselves, these sensations can also be attached to unpleasant memories. There are ways to shield you from one or all of these things and this small change can make all the difference to the way you feel about your visit.

Step-by-step – from nervous to relaxed

If you have a fear of the dentist, tackling it may seem like a difficult process. Care Dental Platinum offer patients our services as a dentist for nervous patients in London. We can help you face your anxiety and take steps towards becoming free of it for good.

Wanting to face your fear

The first step is finding the desire to overcome your fear. If you have no particular issues with your teeth then it might be tempting to just forget about visiting the dentist altogether. As a dentist for nervous patients in London, the team at Care Dental Platinum hear about people who have taken this attitude for many years. It is not recommended for two important reasons.

First, your dental health can deteriorate if it is not regularly checked by a dentist. There are types of damage that can be tackled early if discovered at your dental practice.

If you do not attend your check-ups and a problem develops, you may end up facing the second difficulty – tackling a fear of the dentist whilst also dealing with a potentially painful dental issue. Acting sooner, rather than later, to address you fear can help to avoid compounding your issue in the future.

Defining the issue

There are different types of fear and anxiety stemming from different sources. Each one may require a different type of treatment. When you work with Care Dental Platinum as your dentist for nervous patients in London, we help you to understand what you needs are and tailor an approach to healing that meets them.

Positive reinforcement

Whilst there are many techniques that help to address immediate and overwhelming fear, the long-term solution to dental phobia is largely a process of positive reinforcement.

Once we begin to follow your initial treatment plan, we hope that you will begin to have better experiences at the dentist – even if it only improves slightly to begin with. This helps you to look forward to your next appointment with a little more positivity and this should be even better. Alongside techniques and treatments provided by your practitioner at Care Dental Platinum, positive reinforcement is very effective and counteracts any long-term negative perceptions that you may have.

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