Advantages of a holistic approach to dentistry

One of the main reasons that sedation dentistry has become popular in recent years is because it enables patients who are normally afraid of the dentist to experience pain-free dental sessions. As anxiety is relieved by drugs or sedative gas, the patient is able to undergo treatment without feeling any pain or discomfort. But sedation dentistry is more than this.

At Care Dental Platinum, a dentist for nervous patients in London, we are proud to offer a holistic approach to dentistry through the use of multiple relaxation and sedation techniques. Our award-winning Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ combines medication, guided imagery and pain-free equipment to engage with each patient and help them overcome their dental fears. Our approach has many advantages and this is evidenced by the number of patients who return to our dental practice for this unique experience – at least 95%.

’Happy gas’

A mixture of oxygen (70%) and nitrous oxide (30%), ‘happy gas’ is a relaxing concoction of gas and air that is administered to our patients prior to any treatment. This technique produces soothing relaxation throughout the body.

Guided imagery

Guided imagery, an essential component of the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™, uses a series of images in order to stimulate the senses and created a state of relaxation, where useful information about the treatment can be passed on by the dentist for nervous patients in London to the patient. Guided imagery can alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms even for patients who are suffering from chronic dental fear.

Painless dentistry

In recent years, developments in dental technology have enabled pain-free dentistry. This is achieved with the use of special equipment and traditionally ‘painful’ operations, such as dental implants and wisdom teeth removal, can be carried on without pain or discomfort.

More importantly, when you are sedated as part of the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™, you will still be awake and you will be able to communicate with your dentist for nervous patients in London. We will be constantly checking your vitals and you will be able to communicate with the dentist throughout the procedure. In the end, and after the effect of the sedation has worn off, you will not remember anything unpleasant.