Fees and finance


General Dentistry

Soft Opening New Patient Comprehensive Examination and Assessment£95Book online
Routine Examination£55Book online
Panoramic full mouth x-ray£75Book online
CBCT scanFrom £95Book online
Routine Hygiene Visit£90Book online
Intensive Hygiene Visit £120Book online
Hygiene Visit with the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique TM£150Book online
All the following treatments are carried out under our unique Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ on a complimentary basis.

Gum Treatments

Deep Gum TreatmentFrom £250 per quadrantBook online
Laser Gum Contouringfrom £250 per tooth Book online

Tooth-Coloured Composite Fillings

SmallFrom £120Book online
Medium From £165Book online
LargeFrom £195Book online
Extensive reconstructionFrom £250Book online

Inlays and Outlays

Superior strength ceramic basedFrom £650 Book online
CompositeFrom £350Book online

Crowns and Veneers

Porcelain Bonded (metal bonded to porcelain)From £750Book online
Zirconia (metal free)From £850Book online
Porcelain (Emax)From £850Book online
Complete Smile Makeover(10 E-max Veneers)From £8500Book online


Porcelain BondedFrom £750Book online
ZirconiaFrom £850Book online

Dental Implants

Implant placementFrom £1295Book online
Implant CrownFrom £650Book online
Sinus Lift procedureFrom £595Book online
Socket preservationFrom £350Book online
Advanced block bone graftFrom £1900Book online

Root Canal Treatment

Front toothFrom £450Book online
Side toothFrom £550Book online
Back toothFrom £650Book online


SimpleFrom £195
Book online
ComplexFrom £295
Book online
Surgical From £395
Book online
Wisdom Tooth From £495
Book online


Partial Acrylic DentureFrom £790
Book online
Full Acrylic DentureFrom £890
Book online
Partial (Chrome) Metal DentureFrom £1200
Book online

Cosmetic Dentistry


Philips Zoom! In-Surgery Laser Teeth Whitening and Home Whitening KitFrom £750Book online
Philips Zoom! Home Teeth Whitening KitFrom £450Book online
NightguardFrom £250Book online
Sports GuardFrom £250Book online

Teeth Straightening

Invisalign i7£1500 one arch, £2000 both
Book online
Invisalign Lite£3000 one arch, £3800 both archesBook online
Invisalign full£4600Book online
Invisalign Teen£4800 Book online
Six Months Smiles£3000 one arch, 3800 for both
Book online
Inman aligner£2300 per arch

Book online

Facial Aesthetics

Wrinkle reduction with BOTOXTM

One area£200Book online
Two areas£280Book online
Three areas£360Book online
Four areas£440Book online

Juvederm by Allergan Dermal

1ml syringe lip enhancement£395Book online
0.5ml syringe lip enhancement£250Book online
1ml dermal filler£475Book online


Very soft lift full face and neck£1000Book online
Very soft barbed threads£700Book online

PRX T-33

Price on request