A unique approach to sedation dentistry

The image of the dentist as portrayed in popular media and the ambience of the dental practice, can play a significant role in creating fear in patients of all ages. Moreover, that fear can be intensified by the thought of the dental drill or anaesthetic needles.

A good patient-dentist relationship is essential for the management of dental phobia. However, it may not be enough. At Care Dental Platinum, an award-winning dentist for nervous patients in London, we have developed an innovative approach to dentistry – the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™. Dr Bashar Al-Naher, an experienced and talented dentist for nervous patients in London with a background in dental sedation and hypnosis, is the inventor of this pharmaceutical and behaviour technique that promises to improve your experience in the dentist’s chair.

A three-stage approach

The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ is developed in three stages and communication between the dentist for nervous patients in London and the patient is important throughout every stage.

Initially, Dr Bashar will oversee the administration of a relaxing gas, which is made of 30% nitrous oxide and 70% oxygen. This gas is perfectly safe and, once inhaled, will make the patient feel relaxed.

Then, the dentist for nervous patients in London will explain the dental treatment to the patient through a series of relaxing images, which are designed to evoke a sense of euphoria.

Lastly, we are careful enough not to use any dental equipment that could cause pain and we ensure that all affected areas are numb before we treat them. This technique is bespoke for each patient.

Explore your options

We encourage our patients to ask questions about the treatment and we keep them informed about what it is to be done before starting the treatment or during the procedure. Great dental care, bespoke sedation, moral support and reassurance are the elements that make Care Dental Platinum, your dentist for nervous patients in London, an ideal destination for any dental problem you may experience.

To learn more about the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ or simply book your next appointment, contact us today. Our simple, friendly and sympathetic approach to dentistry is going to be well-appreciated.