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You can align your smile to look how you’d like it to be. Invisible braces, Inman Aligner or Six-Month Smiles, you’ll find them here, all in one place.

Veneers and Bonding can correct minimal misalignment in teeth, but short-term adult orthodontics can go much further.  This is also a great option for those who wish to stay minimally invasive and maintain their original teeth shape and structure – an approach we highly recommend to our patients with very positive results.

What are the options for straightening teeth?

At Care Dental Platinum we will consult with you about the look you want to achieve.  This may be from minor tooth movements to more complex cases, and we offer a wide variety of treatments to help you improve your look.

We work with top adult orthodontic treatments in the market: Six Month Smiles, Inman Aligner and invisible braces, including Invisalign.

  • Clear/ invisible braces (InvisalignⓇ)

    These are a series of clear plastic moulds that fit perfectly over your teeth and change their position to the desired end point one brace at a time.  Each clear brace is worn for two weeks, at the end of which you return to us to make some adjustments and to fit your new brace.  This is effective in closing spaces and for crowded cases alike. You will feel how they are comfortable to wear, invisible and don’t affect your speech.

  • Inman Aligner

    This is a revolutionary appliance that works best to align the four front teeth of the upper and lower jaws.  It works by applying an even pressure to the front and back of the misaligned teeth to slowly bring them into line with each other.  Treatment time can be as little as 6-16 weeks. The Inman Aligner is also a great option to help align teeth better before veneer placement to allow less tooth preparation, which is healthier for the teeth receiving veneers.

  • Six Month Smiles

    For more complex cases, Six Month Smiles is a fantastic alignment option.  It uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured traditional orthodontics (‘train-tracks’) to straighten teeth in 4-9 months (six is the average).  It is a great way to correct crowding and spaced cases alike

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